Charging pile display screen

      With the rapid increase in the number of new energy vehicles, the charging pile industry has continued to grow rapidly in recent years. The display screen of the charging pile is the "face" of the charging pile. At present, it has realized functions such as identification, charging operation, parameter setting, and interface display. Some enterprises are already developing in the direction of advertising screens and video screens. 

     As we all know, charging piles are generally built outdoors, because the outdoor light is strong, so there are higher requirements for the display screen. GreenTouch 2C highlight plus fan series products are equipped with multiple data transmission interfaces (Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.), and have the function of data exchange with the superior monitoring and management system. The brightness of the LCD screen of this model can reach 1000ints, which can provide better viewing vision under strong ambient light; considering the impact of outdoor temperature changes, this model has built-in 2 turbo bass fans to allow the display to actively cycle during working hours Heat dissipation to ensure that it is highly suitable for the charging pile touch display. 

     The charging pile is equipped with a video storage and playback module, and the LCD screen can play the video content produced by the user, and can perform remote maintenance and content update according to the user's needs. At present, my country has built 516,000 public charging piles, and the total number of public and private charging piles is 1.219 million, which is still more than 3 million away from the goal of 4.8 million. Therefore, the number of charging pile display screens will also increase with the number of charging piles. Grow and grow.


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GT-TC2CGL series Highlight touch all-in-one  10.1''-23.8''GT-TC2CGL series Highlight touch all-in-one vertical 10.1''-23.8''

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