Vending cabinet display screen

      The vending cabinet is a brand-new commercial retail form, a common equipment for commercial automation, and is called a 24-hour micro supermarket. Among them, the display screen of the vending cabinet is an indispensable part. The vending cabinet system needs to be connected with the PC system, so that consumers can purchase the products of the vending cabinet through the touch screen controlled by the PC, which not only replaces the selection button, but also enables it to have media functions. 

     The large-screen LCD operation display of the sales cabinet is convenient for reminding customers and management operation menu prompts, which is convenient for machine managers to grasp the machine function settings. GreenTouch 2C highlight plus fan series products are available in sizes from 10.1 inches to 23.8 inches. This model is versatile and powerful. Its LCD screen brightness can reach 1000ints, which can provide better viewing vision under strong ambient light; Taking into account the impact of ambient temperature changes, this all-in-one express cabinet touch display also has 2 built-in turbo bass fans to ensure that the display actively circulates heat during working hours. 

     Unmanned vending cabinets are all over the world, and customers can directly purchase the items they need through the display screens on the vending cabinets. The vending cabinet display all-in-one machine can realize background remote data management and intelligent touch interface interaction, helping us find a low-cost operation mode that suits us.

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GT-TC2CGL series Highlight touch all-in-one  10.1''-23.8''GT-TC2CGL series Highlight touch all-in-one square screen 10.1''-23.8''

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