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GreenTouch's infrared touch screen advantages and application

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    .Infrared touch screen uses infrared technology to detect human body or other objects to locate and react. The advantages of infrared touch screen are outstanding. Let's have a look.
    1. In the flat panel display using the effect is very good. The infrared touch screen technology is the use of infrared emission tube with the same wavelength, infrared receiving tube on the same plane distribution monitoring results, so in the flat panel display such as a liquid crystal display using the advantage is quite amazing.
    2. The use of good properties. Touch is very light, and has no special requirements on the touch body, the human finger or any object on the blocking effect of infrared light can do touch body.
    3. Highly adaptable. It is free from current, voltage and static interference. It can effectively prevent explosion and dust, and is adaptable in harsh environmental conditions.
    4. High stability. Its not because of the time, the change of position and environment have drift changes.
    5. Long service life. The durable, scratch resistance, touch the normal working hours are very long.

Infrared touch screen industry application scope:
    Shopping guide: 1) Product display and information inquiry in shopping malls and supermarkets   2) Touch walls for exhibition and trade fairs   3) POS system   4) Information platform for hotels and hotels
    Ticket data query: 1) Bank ATM teller machine   2) The securities market information query and operation platform   3) Medical treatment   4) The library multimedia retrieval system inquiry machine
    Public information inquiry: 1) Real estate information inquiries and sales status inquiries  2) Postal service inquiries and fertilizer related business inquiries   3) Transportation system ticket inquiries and shipping services inquiries
    Publish: 1) Live TV show   2) The press and Book Publishing House, etc.
    Life entertainment: 1)  karaoke machine   2) Self ordering machine   3) Self-service retail machine   4) Video game platform   5) Bar touch desk   6) Digital signage   7) Advertising display
    Office teaching: 1) ctronic whiteboard for education and teaching   2) Business conference
    Industry: 1) Industrial touch screen   2) Industrial tablet touch system  3) Industrial control computer,etc.