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The working principle of capacitive touch screen

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    In order to realize the multi touch capacitive screen, is on the increase of mutual capacitance electrode, simply, is the screen block, in every area set up a group of mutual capacitance module is independent, so it can be independently detected by capacitive screen touch the region, after processing, simple to achieve multi touch.
    The capacitive touch panel uses the current sensing of the human body to work. Capacitance screen is a four layer composite glass screen, glass screen of the inner surface of the sandwich and coated with a layer of ITO (nano indium tin oxide), the outer layer is only 0.0015mm thick silica glass protection layer, interlayer ITO coating for working face, four angle leads to the four electrodes, the inner layer ITO screen layer in order to ensure the working environment.
    When the user touches the screen capacitor, electric field due to the human body, a coupling capacitor to form the user fingers and face as the work surface is connected with high-frequency signal, so the fingers to absorb a small current, the current flowing from the electrodes of the four corners of the screen, and the upper theory by four electrode the current and four fingers to angle is proportional to the distance, the controller through the precise calculation of four current ratio, the position. Up to 99% accuracy, with a response speed of less than 10ms.
    GreenTouch's capacitive touch screen is an outstanding high quality product, suitable for mobile phones, tablet PC, touch All-In-One PC, GPS,E-book, gaming devices, touch monitors, etc .

    In addition to the capacitive touch screen, GreenTouch also has 4 wire resistive touch screen, 5 wire resistive touch screen, Infrared touch screen, SAW touch screen, Interactive touch foil, touch computer and all kinds of touch monitor.