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Advantagee of capacitive touch screen

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    Capacitive touch screen technology is the use of the body's current sensing work, and it's advantage are outstanding. Let's have a look.

    1. The capacitive screen simply touches the finger without the need for pressure to produce the signal.
    2. The capacitive touch screen needs only one or no correction after the time of production,but resistor technology requires groovy calibration.
    3. The capacitive screen has long life and wear resistance because the components in the capacitor screen do not need any movement. In resistive touch screens, the upper layer of the ITO film needs to be thin enough to be flexible so as to bend downward and touch the ITO film below. Therefore, the capacitive screen is generally called hard screen, usually made of tempered glass, longer life.
    4. Capacitor technology is superior to Resistor Technology in light loss and system power dissipation. So, in the outdoor sun, the capacitive screen is more clear.
    5. Because the capacitive screen is usually made of toughened glass, and it is better than antifouling screen in antifouling and anti-corrosion.
    1. The capacitive screen does not respond when gloved hands or hand-held objects are touched, because the more insulating medium is added.
    2. The main disadvantage of capacitive screen is drift: when the environment temperature and humidity change, the environment electric field changes, it will lead to the drift of the capacitive screen, which is not very accurate.
    GreenTouch's capacitive touch screen is an outstanding high quality product, suitable for mobile phones, tablet PC, touch All-In-One PC, GPS,E-book, gaming devices, touch monitors, etc . 

    In addition to the capacitive touch screen, GreenTouch also has 4 wire resistive touch screen5 wire resistive touch screenInfrared touch screenSAW touch screenInteractive touch foiltouch computer and all kinds of touch monitor.