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Matters needing attention of touch screens

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    Recently, the rapid development of touch screentouch screen multimedia demonstration system to screen their bright colors, rich multimedia forms, simple operation, to provide a full range of image display, business consulting, information inquiries and other functions. At present, the touch screen has been widely used in various fields.You know,any product has a need to pay attention to. So,for touch screens,you should be aware of following sonsiderations.

      1. Do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the surface of the touch screen, such as industrial alcohol.
      2. A part of the touch screen sis made of glass, glass edge is sharp, please wear gloves or finger assembly operations.
      3. A part of the touch screen is made of glass, glass is fragile, so do not exert strong impact on the touch screen during assembly.
      4. Avoid taking the lead wire and picking up the touch screen, and avoid pulling action of lead position.
      5. Lead wire reinforcing plate part cannot be bent.
      6. No fold is allowed in any part of the lead line.
      7. The lead line shall be inserted horizontally and not inserted at the root of the reinforcing plate.
      8. When taking out the product, it is necessary to operate with a single piece and handle with care, so as to avoid scratching the surface of the product when the products collide with each other.
      9. When clearning the surface of products, please use soft cloth to wipe with petroleum ether.
    10. The touch screen surface is the touch surface, that is, the front surface of the product; the glass surface is the non touch surface, that is, the back of the product.

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