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5 Wire Resistive touch screen size
5 Wire Resistive touch screen technology
    5 wrie resistive touch screen is a two-layer structure, two materials (film or glass) with ITO are attached with a gap between them so that the ITO layers are facing each other. Touch input will be made as the top layer is pressed down and the two ITO layers contact. There are insulators called spacing dots between the top and bottom ITO layers. These spacing dots prevent unintended contacts (inputs) of the ITO layers when not pressed.
    When the top ITO film is pressed and makes contact with the bottom glass, the contacted area will be detected via electrical conduction. The notable characteristic of 5wire resistive is that only the bottom glass has detecting function. Even if the top ITO film is damaged, the detecting function will not be affected (except for the damaged area).
5 Wire Resistive touch screen products
5 Wire Resistive touch screen Application
Suitable for GPS, medical, Light industrial ,Pos,Portable sport devices, Access control terminals, Portable medical devices, LCD and LED touch monitors,All-In-One ,Home appliances and other fields.
5 Wire Resistive touch screen Advantages
5 wire resistive touch screen features unrivaled accuracy, reliability, superior light transmission, highest touch point density, touch input variety. Impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid splashes, contamination. The lifetime is up to 35 million finger touches.
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