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4096 x 4096 Resolution, USB or RS232 Interface, Material is Glass + Film or Film + Film ,life time:≥1,000,000/point
Sizes: 6.5" to 22"
4096 x 4096 Resolution, USB or RS232 Interface , Material is Glass + Film , life time:≥35,000,000/point
Sizes: 10.4" to 22"
Interface is I2C or FPC or IPS Material:Glass + Film or Glass + Glass or PET + Glass or Glass + Film + Film
Sizes: 7 " to 17 "
1 point or Real 2/4/6/10 multi touch point USB or RS232 Interface , 4096x4096 Resolution, Material is tempered glass
Sizes: 15 " to 92"
4096 x 4096 Resolution, USB or RS232 Interface , Glass Material , Waterproof, dust-proof and Anti-Vandalism
Sizes: 10.4" to 42"
4:3 or 8:3 or 16:9 or 21:9 ratio,No drift, the deviation is about 1~3mm,USB interface,Supports multi-touch
Sizes: 17 " to 120 "
Interference-resistant, and low power consumption design, automatic recognition of touch screen size
TFT LCD/LED panel,4:3/16:9 Screen Ratio,Type is Desktop monitor,Open frame monitor,Industrial monitor and
Wall mounted monitor
TFT LCD/LED panel,4:3/16:9 Screen Ratio,5ms response time,VGA and DVI Interfac,high Performance and reliability
Sizes: 10.4" to 22"
TFT LCD/LED panel,8ms response time,Touch screen type is 4/5 wire resistive ,SAW,IR Optical touch screen
Sizes: 10.4" to 42 "
we have Touch All-In-One,Industrial touch computer,Multimedia teaching machine,Touch Advertising,
we offer a wide variety of complete Color LCD /LED Kits with VGA, DVI for monitor, touch monitor and touch Computer.
Sizes: 10.4" to 82"
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Shenzhen GreenTouch Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of touch screen and a high-tech enterprise. Our company marketing of high-grade touch screen and value-added touch screen. Our company has our own trademark—GreenTouch and provides customers with touch screens including SAW touch screen, IR touch screen,4 wire touch screen, 5 wire touch screen and various touch screen monitors. GreenTouch has automatic production lines and the sealed dust-free workshops and has been certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System ...More>>