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Open frame All-In-One PC size
Product overview
    GreenTouch's Open frame All-In-One PC size from 15 to 23.6 inches, 4/5 wire resistive / SAW / IR / Optical touch screen that independently developed and produced by our company, removeable external mounting bracket and 100mmx100mm National standard VESA install holes, support for single point and multi-point touch.
    GreenTouch's Open frame All-In-One PC specially for PC and touches the monitor thintegration solution to design. Long lifecycle, the upgrade or replacement of the LCD would not cause the change of the outline structure of the touch monitor.pc and touch screen can support multiple operating systems, such as win xp, win7, linux, mac, etc.
Open frame All-In-One PC products
Open frame All-In-One PC Application
Special for desktop public service inquiry system,POS systems, hotel reception,industrial manufacturing, kiosks, ATM,Hospital information center, information systems and other interactive touch application design .
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