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What's a touch monitor

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Touch screen Monitor(Touch Screen) Allows the user to operate the host by simply touching the icon or text on the computer display with a finger,This frees the keyboard and mouse operations, making human-computer interaction more straightforward.。
Infrared touch screen technology
The touch screen is composed of infrared transmitting and receiving devices mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen。The transmitting device forms an Infrared detection network on the surface of the screen,Any object can change the infrared of the contact to achieve touch detection。
The infrared touch screen is immune to current, voltage and static interference, and is suitable for working conditions with poor conditions, low price, convenient installation and fast response.
Surface acoustic wave touch screen
Surface acoustic waves are mechanical waves propagating along the surface of the medium.This type of touch screen consists of a touch screen, a sound generator, a reflector, and a sound wave receiver.
The sound wave generator generates a high-frequency sound wave across the surface of the screen. When the finger touches, the sound wave on the electric shock is blocked, and the sound wave receiver determines the coordinate position.
The surface acoustic wave touch screen is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. The resolution is extremely high, it has excellent scratch resistance, long service life, good light transmittance, no drift, and the surface is not afraid of scratching. The disadvantage is that it is afraid of water and oil. 
Resistive touch screen
The resistive touch screen is a multi-layer composite film that matches the surface of the display.The structure uses a layer of glass as the base layer,The surface is coated with a transparent conductive layer (ITO, indium oxide),
Four- and eight-wire touch screens consist of two layers of transparent resistive material with the same surface resistance,The five- and seven-wire touch screens consist of a resistive layer and a conductive layer, typically separated by a number of tiny (less than one-thousandth of an inch) transparent isolation points between the two conductive layers.