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The working principle of infrared touch screen

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    First, the infrared touch screen work before the device ready. Infrared touch screen is placed in front of the screen in front of the screen X, Y two directions of the infrared matrix, which scans through time, whether there is infrared, blocked by objects to detect and locate the user's touch. Specific to the installation of the equipment, the touch screen is a display device in front of the frame, frame in the design of circuit board, resulting in each side of the screen. The infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube, through the infrared matrix corresponding to the formation of crisscross. After each scan, if all the infrared tubes are accessible and the green light is on, it is normal.
    Second, working response in touch state. When a touch, fingers or other objects will be blocked after the two position anyway infrared. When the touch screen scans and finds an infrared block, the light on the X axis indicates that the infrared sensor is blocked and that there may be a touch. In the meantime, switch to another coordinate Y and then scan. If you find the Y axis is blocked by infrared rays, the light on the Y axis indicates that there is a touch. In other words, X, Y, two axis lights at the same time, on behalf of the discovery and determination of touch. The touch screen reports the two detected infrared tube positions to the host, and the host calculates the position of the touch point at the screen.

    In general, the infrared touch screen is through the device in the X matrix, two level y to capture and identify human fingers or foreign objects, and through the precise calculation of the touch location.X, y double level two to determine the very high accuracy of infrared touch judge, up to almost zero error is due to state. This is a significant advantage, and other aspects of the application of infrared touch screen development progress, it is gradually warlords, occupy the touch screen market.