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The main principle and features of resistive screen

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The main principle of resistance screen
    Resistive touch screen is mainly composed of glass (or plexiglass) screen substrate and plastic layer (screen top surface).The upper surface of the screen substrate glass is coated with a transparent conductive layer (called a ITO film); the upper surface of the plastic layer is hardened and smoothed, and the lower surface is coated with a ITO film.The two conductive layers (ITO film) between the glass substrate and the plastic layer are separated by a number of tiny transparent isolation points.When a finger touches the screen, the two conductive layer contact, the contact resistance will cause different value changes, the controller device could then calculate the coordinates of the location of the contact point, and make the touch operation response.
Main features of resistive screen
      1. The resistive touch screen has high accuracy and can reach the pixel level, with a maximum resolution of up to 4096x4096.
      2. Dust, moisture, and dirt do not affect the screen and it can be used at lower or higher temperatures.
      3. Resistive touch screen uses pressure sensing, which can be touched by any object, even with gloves, and can be used for handwriting recognition.
      4. Resistive touch screen has become cheaper because of mature technology and lower threshold.
      5. Resistive touch screens can be designed to be multi point touch, but when two points are pressed at the same time, the screen pressure becomes unbalanced, resulting in errors in touch, so the implementation of multi touch is difficult.
      6. Resistive touch screen is more vulnerable to scratches and other parts of the screen touch damage.
      The advantages of the resistance type touch screen is the screen and its control system are relatively cheap, sensitivity is also very good, but whether it is 4 wire resistive touch screen or 5 wire resistive touch screen, they are a completely isolated on the outside of the work environment, not afraid of dust and water vapor, can adapt to the harsh environment.It can be touched by any object and has better stability.The disadvantage is the outer membrane of the resistive touch screen is easy to scratch the touch screen is not available, the multilayer structure will lead to great loss of light, for handheld devices usually need to increase the backlight to compensate the light is not good, but it will also increase the battery consumption.Another obvious drawback is that the resistive screen is not good enough for multi touch support, and multitouch is the dominant touch now, In the mobile phone, tablet PCs, all-in-one and other technology products, in order to achieve multi-point touch, the resistive screen is slowly being replaced by a capacitive screen that is perfect for supporting Multitouch.
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