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The technical principle of surface acoustic wave screen

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    Surface acoustic wave is a mechanical wave propagating along the surface of a medium.The touch screen consists of a touch screen, an acoustic generator, a reflector, and an acoustic receiver.The acoustic wave generator can send a high frequency sound wave across the screen surface, and when the finger touches the screen, the sound wave on the contact is stopped, thereby determining the coordinate position.Surface acoustic wave touch screen is not affected by temperature, humidity effect, environmental factors such as high resolution, has an excellent scratch resistant, long service life (50 million no fault); high transmittance (92%), the image quality can keep clear and transparent; do not drift, just installed a correction; third axis (i.e. in response, the pressure axis) suitable for use in public places..
    The surface acoustic wave touch screen is designed to use sound waves to propagate across rigid bodies.With the X axis as an example, the control circuit generates a transmit signal (signal), the electrical signal by the glass screen on the X axis transducer into ultrasonic thickness direction vibration, ultrasonic transducer with wedge base of refraction propagating along the surface of glass components.Ultrasonic encounter 45 degree tilt against ray after reflection in March, and the incident wave into 90 degrees, and the Y axis component parallel to the other side of the screen to the glass component in the X direction also encountered 45 degree tilt against ray, after reflection in the opposite direction to the transmitting and receiving transducer of X axis.The X axis receiving transducer converts the recovered acoustic waves into electrical signals.The control circuit processes the electrical signal to obtain a waveform characterizing the energy distribution of the glass screen acoustic wave.Touch, finger will absorb part of acoustic energy, signal recovery to produce attenuation, attenuation of program analysis can determine the coordinates of the touch X direction. Similarly we can judge the direction of Y axis coordinate, X coordinate y two direction determining, touch point naturally is uniquely identified.
    In addition to the SAW touch screen, GreenTouch also hascapacitive touch screen, 4 wire resistive touch screen, 5 wire resistive touch screen, Infrared touch screen, Interactive touch foil, touch computer and all kinds of touch monitor.